Beth Kanter, Freelance Writer

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After spending the first several decades of my life living in apartments, I finally made the move to the ground floor. Once I adjusted to the change in altitude, I discovered I liked being at sea level. I even found myself planting things in the ground—tomatoes, bulbs, mint, the occasional rose. Despite growing up in a concrete tower, gardening seemed familiar to me because of all of my years writing features. Sometimes the story grows straight up to the sun and other times it needs to twist and turn and be coaxed toward its potential. Over the years I have coaxed stories to their potential for dozens of magazines, newspapers, web sites and books including Parents, American Baby, Fodor’s, Shape, the Chicago Tribune and Pages. Most recently my writing has taken me into the worlds of parenting and travel but I still enjoy being able to say I can—and do—write about almost anything.

Feel free to send me a note if you want to find out more about my organic approach to feature writing or if you would like to talk about working together. You can reach me at bethk at juno dot com.