Beth Kanter, Freelance Writer

On a Mission

Pages, November/December 2005

It’s funny how many people can be outsiders in their own country in Walter Kirn’s new novel.

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Read to Get Revved!

Shape, August 2005

Cover from Shape August 2005

Pleasurable Page Turners

People who like to curl up with a good novel are much more likely than their bibliophobic friends to participate in other activities, including visiting museums, volunteering and playing sports, according to recent study by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)…

Staying Together for the Books

Pages, November/December 2001

When the passion fades—and tempers flare—it may be time to divorce our book club

Suzanne Sanders lets out a quick laugh when first asked about the relationship. “Well, it’s not exactly from hell,” the 31-year-old Chicago telecommunications reporter pauses and sighs before describing the time she tried to introduce some spice into the monotony. The time she tried to introduce another woman into the mix.

“They were up in arms because of all the sex and violence,” Suzanne tells. “They just didn’t get it.”

The woman who caused all the uproar is none other than Sula Peace, the title character of Toni Morrison’s 1973 novel. The relationship Suzanne wanted to bring Sula into is the one she has with her book club…